Оргкомитетом по поручению руководства Благотворительного Фонда "Научное
" и компании InterBioScreen приглашен почетный гость конференции

Alan Roy Katritzky

Kenan Professor of Chemistry
Директор Центра гетероциклических соединений
Университета Флориды, США

В Программе конференции планируется церемония награждения Prof. Alan R. Katritzky Золотой медалью "За вклад в науку и научное партнерство", учрежденной специальным решением Благотворительного фонда "Научное Партнерство".

Приветственное письмо
профессора Алана Р. Катрицкого
участникам конференции
"Химия и биологическая активность азотистых гетероциклов и алкалоидов"

Dorogie kollegi,

Ya hochu poslat' bolshoi best wishes vashey conferenzii, ochen interesniy tema. Carbon certainly forms the bones of heterocyclic chemistry, but then nitrogen is the heart. A conference on "the chemistry and biological activity of nitrogen - containing heterocycles" is a wonderful opportunity and a subject to which Russian chemists have contributed so much. Ochen zhal' ya seychas na Florida - net vozmozhnosti byt' v Moskve segodnia.

The whole life in the United States has been changed by the terrible events of September 11. I was in Moscow a few years ago on the occasion of the terrorist attack which destroyed an apartment block leaving several people killed. Now we all suffer together from such extremists. However, perhaps these terrible events may eventually draw the world together with all peace loving nations realizing that they must act in step to protect freedom and culture.

You have done me a great honor in awarding me a gold medal, which I accept with great gratitude. I value all my connections with Russian science and my many personal friends too numerous to mention by name who will be at the conference. Have a most successful time.

V dushe ya s vami.

S uvazheniem,
        Alan Katritzky