Dear colleagues!

The "Scientific Partnership" Charitable Foundation and "InterBioScreen Ltd", with the aid and support of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) and M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, are cooperating to organize annual international conferences of Russian and C.I.S. scientists dedicated to Chemistry and Biological Activity of Synthetic and Natural Compounds.

The first conference
"Chemistry and Biological Activity of Nitrogenous Heterocycles and Alkaloids"
will be held in the Russian State Academy of Civil Service
(at the President of Russian Federation)
Moscow, October 9-12, 2001.

The intention of the conference organizers is to provide a unique forum to discuss the developments and the key issues faced by the interdisciplinary scientific community engaged in the research into biologically active compounds.

The idea and objectives of the conference have been approved by the Vice-President of the RAS, Academician O.M. Nefedov, leading scientists from Russia and the CIS countries, Heads of Scientific Research Institutes, Members of the National Academies of Sciences.

The conference will include sessions on:

  1. Chemistry of synthetic nitrogen-containing compounds
  2. Chemistry of alkaloids
  3. Target synthesis and properties of bioactive nitrogen-containing heterocycles

The format will consist of:

The deadlines for registration and submission of papers are 01.12.2000 and 01.02.2001, respectively.

Keynote speakers on each subject will be invited to the conference to present the recent developments in their respective fields.

Oral lectures and poster presentations will be published as full papers and short communications, respectively.

The Organizing Committee sends the  instructions for authors of Lectures /Papers/ Abstracts for the first annual collection "Chemistry and Biological Activity of Synthetic and Natural Compounds". Rules of Material Preparation in general corresponds to those of Uspekhi Khimii.

Materials are presented in the format of Microsoft Word for Windows (versions 6.0, 7.0) in printed (2 copies) and electronic form (floppy disk 3", extension *.doc) both in Russian and English.

The special section of the annual collection will be devoted to the author's methods of the complex heterocycles synthesis. The Organizing Committee invites the participants having worked out the original synthesis methods to send it as a separate document for the section "100 selected methods of heterocycles synthesis and modification" (1 page, in accordance with the layout of the sample specimen). the five methods selected by the Conference participants will be commended by money prizes and gifts.

The Organizing Committee decision about presentation form (oral or poster) and further information will be announced later.


The Organizing Committee, "InterBioScreen Ltd" and "Scientific Partnership" Charitable Foundation are pleased to invite you to attend the Conference.

With best wishes,

"InterBioScreen Ltd"


V.G. Kartsev

Charitable Foundation
"Scientific Partnership"
G.N. Lemelman
Organizing Committee Secretary
L.F. Semenova