The First International Conference on
"Chemistry and Biological Activity
of Nitrogen-Containing Heterocycles and Alkaloids"


October 9-12, 2001
Russian Academy of Public Administration under President of Russian Federation

This representative forum of scientists from Russia, C.I.S. and Baltic states has marked the beginning of a series of international scientific conferences on The Chemistry and Biological Activity of Synthetic and Natural Compounds.

The conference has been convened and organized by "InterBioScreen Ltd." and "Scientific Partnership" Charitable Foundation, with the aid and support from the Russian academy of Sciences (RAS), Lomonosov Moscow State University and Moscow government.

Head of the Organizing committee - Dr. Victor G. Kartsev, CEO & Vice-President of InterBioScreen Ltd.

The scientific advisory committee of the conference was composed of eminent scientists from Russia and the C.I.S. engaged in research in the chemistry and biological activity of synthetic and natural heterocyclic compounds.

Sergei A. ANDRONATI, Director, Institute of Physical Chemistry, National academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Irina P. BELETSKAYA, Moscow State University
Oleg N. CHUPAKHIN, Director, Institute of Organic Synthesis, Ural Branch, Russian academy of Sciences
Georgii B. ELYAKOV, Vice-President, Far-Eastern Branch, Russian academy of Sciences
Vladimir G. GRANIK, Department of Medical Chemistry, Research Center NIOPIK, Moscow
Igor A. GRIGOR'EV, Deputy Director, Institute of Organic Chemistry, Siberian Branch, Russian academy of Sciences,Novosibirsk
Boris A. IVIN, Pharmaceutical academy, St. Petersburg
Valeri P. KUKHAR', Director, Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry, National academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Vladimir I. MINKIN, Director, Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry, Rostov State University
Lev A. PIRUZYAN, Director, Center for Theoretical Problems of Physicochemical Pharmacology
Vladimir V. POROIKOV, Institute of Biomedical Chemistry, Russian academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow
Genrikh A. TOLSTIKOV, Director, Institute of Organic Chemistry, Siberian Branch, Russian academy of Sciences
Boris A. TROFIMOV, Director, Institute of Chemistry, Siberian Branch, Russian academy of Sciences
Marat S. YUNUSOV, Director, Institute of Organic Synthesis, Ural Branch, Russian academy of Sciences, Ufa
Nikolai S. ZEFIROV, Director, Institute of Physiologically Active Compounds, Chernogolovka, Moscow

Members of Organizing, Program and Publication committees:

Evreinov V.I.
Chernysheva T.Ye.
Fatkulbayanova N.L.
Kulakova M.A.
Lemelman G.N.
Scheck Yu.B.

Semenova L.F.
Serov A.B.
Shubina O.V.
Tereschenkova I.M.
Tkachev S.V.
Zakieva I.S.

Owing to the interdisciplinary character of the conference, the scientists who work in various fields of organic chemistry of biologically active compounds have obtained the wonderful possibility to report their findings and achievements related to the synthesis, structural studies, biological activity, theoretical medicinal chemistry, as well as to exchange views on a number of topical problems in the scientific and business cooperation in interdisciplinary areas.

The conference has assembled the "best of the best" and become the most representative forum of the leading scientists from all regions across Russia and C.I.S. states (Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Tajukistan, Kirghizia, Latvia). The attendance was over 300 delegates from 77 cities and 140 leading research institutes of Russia and abroad.

InterBioScreen Ltd was the major organizer and sponsor of the Conference . Financial support has been given by the Scientific Partnership Charitable Foundation, Moscow Committee for Science and Technology, Matrix Technologies Corporation, Sigma-Aldrich, ChemNavigator (USA), Summit Pharmaceuticals International Corporation (Japan), from several Russian and Ukrainian companies such as DIAeM - Laboratory (Moscow), OST group of enterprises (Chernogolovka), Enamine, EiMed (iev, Ukraine).

At the opening ceremony, the Conference delegates were welcomed by members of the academy of Sciences G.. Tolstikov, S.. Andronati, V.. Tartakovsky, N.S. Zefirov, I.P. Beletskaya.

During the Conference,
a special awarding ceremony was held at which Gold medals
For Contribution to Science and Scientific Partnership

established by Scientific Partnership Foundation
were presented to a number of research institutes and organizations
along with nominal stipends for gifted graduates and students.

Awards were presented to:

Silver medal
For Contribution to Science and Scientific partnership

was awarded to

Program of the conference included

The oral and poster lectures were addressed to the most interesting topics related to the synthesis methods and properties of novel heterocyclic compounds, their biological activity and also highlighted research results in boundary areas between chemistry of synthetic and natural heterocycles, and medicinal chemistry and pharmacology.

The high scientific level and a wide coverage of topics have been set by the outstanding plenary speakers. The plenary lectures were presented by:

Adekenov S.M. ("Perspectives for development of new drugs based on alkaloids and nitrogen-containing terpenoids"), Andronati S.A., Makan S.Yu. ("Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds as ligands for serotonin receptors"), Akhrem A.A., Gulyakevich O.V., Mikhal'chuk A.L. ("Synthesis of condensed quinolizine derivatives through annelation of cyclic Schiff bases: [2+4]-cyclocondensation"), Belen'kii L.I., Poddubnyi I.S., Luiksaar S.I., Krayushkin M.M. ("Trichloromethylarenes in synthesis of 1,3,4-oxadiazoles"), Granik V.G. ("Nenitzescu reaction: A new approach to synthesis of annelated 5-hydroxy-indoles and -benzofurans"), Dovlatyan V.V. ("Reactions of functionally substituted azines"), Drach B.S., Brovarets V.S., Smolii O.B. ("Phosphonium reagents for synthesis of nitrogen-containing heterocycles"), Elyakov G.B., Radchenko O.S., Balaneva N.N., Novikov V.L. ("Marine alkaloids: Chemistry and pharmacology"), Zefirov N.S., Palyulin V.A. ("Quantitative structure-activity relationship studies on nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds"), Ivin B.A. ("New reactions of heteroazines as a route to bioactive azoles and azines"), Kartsev V.G. ("Biological activity and new trends in the chemistry of isoquinoline alkaloids"), Kostyanovsky R.G., Kostyanovsky V.R., Kadorkina G.K., Torbeev V.Yu. ("New routes to chiral drugs"), Mezheritskii V.V. ("Chemistry of 1H-1,2-diazaphenalene"), Poroikov V.V., Filimonov D.A. ("Computer-assisted prediction of biological activity in a search for and optimization of new drugs"), Praliev K.D. ("- and N-substituted mono- and bicyclic pyperidines: Synthesis, stereochemistry, transformations, and properties. New synthetic analgetics and anesthetics"), Tolstikov G.A., Shults E.E., Chernov S.V., Tolstikova T.G., Sorokina I.V., Shakirov M.M., Mamatyuk V.I. ("Synthesis of alkaloid-like compounds from diterpenic acids: A new group of nootropic agents"), Khilya V.P., Kupchevskay I.P., Grishko L.G. ("Reactions of modified isoflavones with hydrazine and its derivatives"), Khoshtariya T.E. ("Synthesis, properties, and biological activity of benzo[b]furo-, benzo[b]-thiophene-, dioxodihydro-1H-benzo[b]furo-, dioxohydro-1H-benzo[b]-thiopheneindoles and their derivatives"), Charushin V.N., Chupakhin O.N. ("Ortho-, meta- and para-cyclization in structural modification of p-deficient azaaromatics"), Chupakhin O.N., Fedorova O.V., Rusinov G.L. ("Lipophilic nitrogenous heterocycles as a promising class of antituberculosis agents"), Shakhidoyatov Kh.M. ("Chemical transformations of tricyclic quinazoline alkaloids"), Shults E.E., Tolstikov G.A., Shakirov M.M., Tolstikova T.G. ("Synthesis of thebaine-derived m-opioid receptor agonists"), Yunusov M.S. ("Alkaloids as biologically active compounds")

The remarkable 62 talks by the leading scientists from Russia and CIS gave the state-of-the-art picture of Chemistry and Biological Activity of Nitrogen-Containing Heterocycles andAlkaloids

Nitrogen-containing Heterocycles and Alkaloids.

The conference proceedings have been published in two volumes, both in Russian and English under the title "Nitrogen-containing heterocycles and alkaloids". This edition of superb quality opens a series of annual publications Chemistry of Biologically Active Synthetic and Natural Compound (CBC).

Volume 1 (564 pages) contains plenary and oral presentations devoted to the state-of-the art in this field. Volume 2 (475 pages) contains summaries of poster presentations and 100 the most interesting and original methods of synthesis and modification of complex heterocyclic compounds developed by CIS scientists.

Two volume proceedings of the conference in English and Russian are also available on CD-ROM released by Iridium Press Publishers.


The editorial board of this periodic publication:

Abduvakhabov .., member of academy, Uzbekistan
Avetisyan .., member of academy,Armenia
Adekenov S.., academic-secretary,Kazakhstan
Andronati S.., member of academy,Ukraine
Akhrem ..,member of academy, Belarus'
Beletskaya I.P., member of academy, Russia
Vlad P.F., member of academy, Moldova
Granik V.G., professor, Russia
Grigor'ev I.., professor, Russia
Dovlatyan V.V., member of academy, Armenia
Elyakov G.B., member of academy, Russia
Zefirov N.S., member of academy, Russia
Ivin B.., professor, Russia
Kartsev V.G., Doctor of chemistry, Russia
Kemertelidze E.P., member of academy, Georgia
Kostyanovskii R.G., professor, Russia
Kukhar' V.P., member of academy, Ukraine
Lakhvich F.., member of academy, Belarus'
Lozinskii M.O., member of academy, Ukraine

Minkin V.I., member of academy, Russia
Mnatsakanyan V.., corresponding member of academy, Armenia
Neilands .Ya., professor, Latvia
Noravyan .S., professor, Armenia
Piruzyan L.., member of academy, Russia
Poroikov V.V., professor, Russia
Praliev .D., corresponding member of academy, Kazakhstan
Serkerov S.V., professor, Azerbaidzhan
Stankyavichus .P. professor, Lithuania
Strakov .Ya., member of academy, Latvia
Tolstikov G.., member of academy, Russia
Trofimov B.., member of academy, Russia
Khilya V.P., corresponding member of academy, Ukraine
Khoshtariya .., professor, Georgia
Chupakhin .N., member of academy, Russia
Shakhidoyatov Kh.., professor, Uzbekistan
Yunusov .S., corresponding member of the academy, Russia
Yusupov M.K., professor, Uzbekistan

On the initiative of InterBioScreen Ltd, for the first time ever the conference featured an exhibition-library of unique scientific literature published by foreign and home publishing houses.

During the conference a face-to-face meeting was organized for the members of the editorial staff of the Journal for Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds and the authors who contributed papers to the Journal.

At the closing ceremony of the conference Chemistry and Biological Activity of Nitrogen-Containing Heterocycles and Alkaloids, based on the results of the opinion poll of the delegates, the authors of the best works have been awarded

a Memorial Gold medal
For Contribution to Science and Scientific partnership

For the best plenary lecture:

For the best oral presentation:

For the best poster presentation:

Special Diploma
and Memorial Gold Medals
for particular contribution to the development of the advanced methods of synthesis and modification of heterocycles
have been presented to:

- Research group:
Noravgan A.S., Paronikyan E.G., Mkrtchyan A.P., Oganisyan A.Sh., Sirakanyan S.N.,
Institute of Fine Organic Chemistry, National academy of Sciences of Armenia

- Research group
Mikhailovskii A.G.(1), Syropyatov B.Ya.(2), Dolzhenko A.V.(2), Shklyaev V.S.(1)
1)Institute of Technical Chemistry, Ural Branch, Russian academy of Sciences (Perm')
State Pharmaceutical academy (Perm')

- Research group:
Maslivets A.N., Krasnykh O.P., Konyukhova N.A.,
Perm' State University

- Research group:
Sipkin D.I., Molchanov A.P., Koptelov Yu.B.
St. Petersburg State University (St. Petersburg)

- Research group:
Gazaliev A.M., Fazylov S.D., Nurkenov O.A., Kasenov R.Z., Zhurinov M.Zh.
Institute of Organic Synthesis and Coal Chemistry, Karaganda (Kazakhstan)

All Photos from the Conference

The Next International Conference of the series
will be held in 2003
and will be devoted
to Oxygen and Sulphur-bearing synthetic
and natural heterocycles