Conference Sponsors

The Conference is of great interest for many firms and organizations and they had proposed a sponsorship. The main sponsor and organizer is InterBioScreen Ltd.

Is the leading company of Russia and CIS in the field of the new organic compounds synthesis and their biological activities study. InterBioScreen cooperates with many well-known pharmacologycal and agrochemical firms (in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and S.Korea) and carries out some joint scientific programs.

"Scientific Partnership" Charity Foundation
The non-commercial "Scientific Partnership" Charitable Foundation is a new professional community aimed at the support of the CIS scientists investigations connected with the biologically active substances (especially heterocyclic compounds) synthesis and their properties study. The "Scientific Partnership" Charitable Foundation aim is to coordinate the research programs, to organize the scientific conferences, to publish transactions and to widen by all means the scientific collaboration both with the CIS countries and abroad.

Russian Academy of Science (RAS)
For more detailed information about Russian Academy of Science see on WWW.RAS.RU