III International Conference

Chemistry and Biological Activity of Nitrogen-Containing Heterocycles
(in memory of Prof. A.N. Kost)


has been held at the Research Center in Chernogolovka, Moscow, Russia

June 2023, 2006


This Conference concluded the series of international meetings on the Chemistry and Biological Activity of Synthetic and Natural Compounds dedicated to the 90th Anniversary of Honored Scientist of Russia
Prof. A.N. Kost, that started with a conference at
Moscow State University in October, 2005.



The Conference was organized by InterBioScreen Ltd.
and International Charitable Foundation Scientific Partnership
with the participation and support from
Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Mendeleev Chemical Society,
Lomonosov Moscow State University, and
Council on Science and Technology under the
Moscow Government.


The Organizing Committee was headed by Prof. V.G. Kartsev, President of the Scientific Partnership Foundation; Chairman of Board of directors of InterBioScreen.


Honorary members of the International Editorial Board:


Prof. E.J. Corey (USA) Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1990

Prof. R. Noyori (Japan) Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2001

Prof. J.-M. Lehn (France) Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1987

Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman (Pakistan)

Prof. J. Bergman (Sweden)

Prof. J. Elguero (Spain)

Prof. R. Huisgen (Germany)

Prof. A.R. Katritzky (USA)

Prof. D. Spinelli (Italy)

Prof. H. van der Plas (Netherlands)


The scientific committee of the conference was composed of eminent Russian and CIS scientists in the field of chemistry and biological activity of synthetic and natural heterocycles:




Andronati S.. (Ukraine)


Kukhar' V.P. (Ukraine)


Beletskaya I.P. (Russia)


Minkin V.I. (Russia)


Charushin V.N. (Russia)


Preobrazhenskaya .N. (Russia)


Chupakhin .N. (Russia)


Tolstikov G.. (Russia)


Glushkov R.G. (Russia)


Trofimov B.A. (Russia)


Granik V.G. (Russia)


Voronkov .G. (Russia)


Kartsev V.G. (Russia)


Zefirov N.S. (Russia)



Organizing Committee:



Prof. Kartsev V.G. (Russia)


Prof. Chupakhin .N. (Russia)


Prof. Tolstikov G.. (Russia)


Prof. Zefirov N.S. (Russia)




Prof. Aldoshin S.M. (Russia)


Dr. Filippov Yu.A. (Russia)


Prof. Nifantiev E.E. (Russia)


Prof. Sister V.G. (Russia)



Executive Secretary

Dr. Semenova L.F. (Russia)




Dr. Chernysheva T.E. (Russia), Prof. Geronikaki . (Greece), Prof. Attanasi O.A. (Italy), Prof. Vasilevsky S.F. (Russia), Prof. Saxena A. (India), Dr. Agafonova V.A. (Russia),
Dr. Fokina S.V.



The Conference was attended by a wide circle of organic chemists active in the field of bioactive N-containing heterocyles who presented their recent achievements in the synthesis, characterization, and bioactivity of N-heterocycles.


Among the attendants were widely-known representatives of the international heterocyclic community Prof. H. van der Plas (University of Wageningen, the Netherlands), Prof. M. Mąkosza (Institute of Organic Chemistry, Poland), L. Fišera (Slovak University of Technology, Slovak Republic), Prof. M.N. Preobrazhenskaya, Prof. N.S. Zefirov, and Prof. O.N. Chupakhin.




Prof. N.S. Zefirov, Prof. X. van der Plas, Prof. . Mąkosza, Prof. O.N. Chupakhin





Prof. X. van der Plas, Prof. O.N. Chupakhin, Prof. . Mąkosza



Contributions to the Conference were submitted by leading scientists of Austria, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Egypt, India, France, Jordan, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Russia, the USA, and other countries. The conference was attended by over 250 participants from 30 countries, including 30 foreign delegates. The Russian participants represented 83 leading research institutions, and the foreign delegates, 45 research institutions and groups all over the world.

As a sponsor and organizer, InterBioScreen financially supported the participation of younger researchers and post-graduate students in the Conference.



Financial support also came from International Charitable Foundation Scientific Partnership, Council on Science and Technology under the Moscow Government, and other Russian and foreign sponsors:




The Opening Ceremony has begun with the introductory word by Prof. V.G. Kartsev. Prof. N.S. Zefirov read a greeting to the Conference from Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn, Nobel Laureate in chemistry; Prof. H. van der Plas, voiced the note of welcome from Prof. Elias Corey, Nobel Laureate; Prof. O.A. Kost, daughter of A.N. Kost, also warmly addressed the delegates.


Prof. H. van der Plas
(University of Wageningen, The Netherlands

Prof. .. Kost
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow)



At the Conference, the first official ceremony of awarding with the Medal "In Memory of
Prof. A.N. Kost"
for the year of 2006 took place.



The Medal "In Memory of Prof. A.N. Kost" was instituted in 2005 on the occasion of his 90th Anniversary by the International Charitable Foundation Scientific Partnership, Lomonosov Moscow State University and Russian Mendeleev Chemical Society. The Medal is awarded for outstanding achievements in the chemistry of synthetic and natural heterocyclic compounds as a sign of public recognition of the efforts of individual scientists and research groups.


The scientists awarded with the Medal in 2006:


Prof. H. van der Plas

University of Wageningen, The Netherlands

Prof. M. Mąkosza

Institute of Organic Chemistry, Poland

Prof. L. Fišera

Slovak University of Technology, Slovak Republic

Prof. Gy. Hajós

Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry, Hungary

Prof. K. Gewald

Technische Universität Dresden, Germany

Prof. R. Huisgen

Ludwig Maximilians Universität München, Germany

Prof. A. Katrizky

University of Florida, USA

Prof. Y. Yamamoto

Tohoku University, Japan


Prof. H. van der Plas
(the medal is presented by Prof. V.G. Kartsev)

Prof. M. Mąkosza
medal is presented by Prof. O.N. Chupakhin)

Prof. L. Fišera
medal is presented by Prof. N.S. Zefirov)

Prof. Gy. Hajós
medal is presented by Prof. M.N. Preobrazhenskaya)



Prof. R.S. Sagitullin

Dostoevskii State University, Omsk

Prof. R.G. Kostyanovsky

Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics, Moscow

Prof. B.S. Drach

Institute of Bioorganic and Petrochemistry, Kiev

Prof. V.G. Granik

State Research Center for Antibiotics, Moscow

Prof. O.N. Chupakhin

Institute of Organic Synthesis, Yekaterinburg

Honored Worker of Russian Science
I.I. Grandberg

Timiryazev State Agricultural University, Moscow

Prof. M.A. Yurovskaya

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow

Prof. M.G. Voronkov

Favorskii Institute of Chemistry, Irkutsk

Prof. A.F. Pozharskii

Rostov State University, Rostov-on-Don

Prof. O.A. Kost

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow


Prof. R.S. Sagitullin
(the medal is presented by Prof. V.G. Kartsev)

Prof. .. st
medal is presented by Prof. V.G. Kartsev)

Prof. V.G. Granik
medal is presented by Prof. . van der Plas)

Prof. B.S. Drach
medal is presented by Prof. M. Mąkosza)




The Research Centers and Groups awarded with the Medal in 2006:


The International Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry

Heterocycles, Japan

Department of Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow (the medal was received by Prof. N.V. Zyk, p.p. Dr. V.V. Lunin, Dean of the chemistry faculty)

Zelinskii Institute of Organic Chemistry, Moscow (the medal was received by Prof. M.P. Egorov, Director)

Journal "Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds", Latvia (the medal was received by A.E. Skorova,
Executive Secretary)



Medal "Badge of Honor" was awarded to the


Prof. A. Shelar

Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, India



The International Charitable Foundation Scientific Partnership has started a new program intended to support Russian scientific libraries and extend scientific partnership by presenting the books published (in Russian and English) by the Foundation.


The books were donated to the following institutions and research centers:


Université de Rennes 1, Institut de Chimie, France (books are handed to Bazureau J.P.)

Chemical Research Center, Budapest, Hungary (books are handed to Bölcskei H.)

University of São Paulo State, Brazil (books are handed to Chung M.C.)

Università di Ferrara, Italy (books are handed to Dondoni A.)

Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis, Riga (books are handed to Duburs G., Veinberg G.)

Slovak University of Technology, Slovak Republic (books are handed to Fišera L.)

Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Greece (books are handed to Geronikaki A.)

Universität Siegen, Germany (books are handed to Granzhan A.)

Chemical Research Center, Budapest, Hungary (books are handed to Hajós Gy.)

Vienna University of Technology, Austria (books are handed to Jordis U.)

Technische Universität Dresden, Germany (books are handed to Knölker H.-J.)

Institute of Organic Chemistry, PS, Warszawa, Poland (books are handed to Mąkosza M.)

Gedeon Richter Ltd., Hungary (books are handed to Nemes A.)

Research Institute of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Czech Republic (books are handed to Rádl S.)

Central Drug Research Institute, India (books are handed to Saxena A.K.)

Shivaji University Kolhapur, India (books are handed to Shelar A.)

University of Leuven, Belgium (books are handed to van der Eycken E.)

University of Wageningen, The Netherlands (books are handed to van der Plas H.)

Department of Chemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow (books are handed to
Prof. Zyk N.V., p.p. Dr. V.V. Lunin, Dean of the chemistry faculty)

Zelinskii Institute of Organic Chemistry, Moscow (books are handed to Prof. Egorov M.P., Director)

Journal "Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds", Latvia (books are handed to Prof. Skorova A.E., Ececutive Secretary)


The books are handed to Rrof. H.-J. Knölker for Technische Universität Dresden, Germany

The books are handed to Rrof. H. Bölcskei for Chemical Research Center, Budapest, Hungary



The books are handed to Rrof. S. Rádl for Research Institute of Pharmacy and Biochemistry,
Czech Republic

The books are handed to Rrof. M.C. Chung for University of São Paulo State, Brazil



The Scientific Program was opened with the keynote lectures delivered by the leading experts in the organic chemistry and chemistry of natural compounds:

Mąkosza M. ()
Synthesis of indoles via nucleophilic substitution of hydrogen in nitroarenes

Van der Plas H.C. ()

The ring transformation as methodology for the synthesis of azaheterocycles


The lecture is presented by Prof. M. Mąkosza (Institute of Organic Chemistry, Poland)

The lecture is presented by Prof. . van der Plas (University of Wageningen, The Netherlands)


Oral and poster presentations reflected recent achievements in the synthesis, chemical transformations, and bioactivity of various nitrogeneous heterocycles.


The scale and a high level of the Conference were ensured by the excellent quality of plenary lectures delivered by leading experts in the field.


The lecture is presented by Prof. . Dondoni
Università di Ferrara, Italy)

The lecture is presented by Prof. .. Shestopalov (Zelinskii Institute of Organic Chemistry, Moscow)


The lectures of the plenary session were delivered by:


Dondoni A., Massi A. (Italy)

Multicomponent synthetic approach to reengineered N-heterocycle pharmacophores by glycoside decoration

Fišera L. (Slovak Republic)

Control of regio- and stereoselectivity in nitrone cycloadditions and their utilization in synthesis

Hajós Gy. (Hungary)

Zwitter-ionic heterocycles: A pool of novel polyfused ring systems

Jordis U. (Austria)

How to use software and integrate databases in the daily practice of heterocyclic chemist

Saxena . (India)

Substituted arylpiperazines in rational drug design

Granik V.G. (Russia)

Biotransformations of heterocyclic nitrogen-containing drugs

Kartsev V.G. (Russia)

New horizons for use of T-reactions in the synthesis of heterocycles

Kostyanovsky R.G. (Russia)

Nitrogen chirality in heterocyclic chemistry

Akhrem A.A., Gulyakevich O.V., Mikhal'chuk A.L. (Belarus)

[2+4]-Cyclocondensation of monocyclic azomethines with b-di- and
b,b'-tricarbonyl compounds in synthesis of azangular heterocycles

Poroikov V.V., Filimonov D.A., Gloriozova T.A., Lagunin A.A. (Russia)

Computer-aided prediction of biological activity for nitrogen-containing organic compounds

Preobrazhenskaya M.N. (Russia)

Chemistry and biology of ascorbigen

Chupakhin O.N., Rusinov V.L., Charushin V.N. (Russia)

Abnormal nucleosides from isosteres of purine

Sagitullina G.P., Sagitullin R.S. (Russia)

Recyclization of pyridinium salts: New horizons

Saloutin V.I., Burgart Ya.V., Chupakhin O.N. (Russia)

Design of azaheterocycles based on fluorine-containing 2,4-dioxobutanoates and their derivatives

Shestopalov A.M., Rodinovskaya L.A., Shestopalov A.A. (Russia)

Recyclization reactions of degenerate carbo- and heterocycles: Practical retrosynthetic approach to new multicomponent methods for synthesis of N-containing five- and six-membered heterocycles

Vasilevsky S.F., Balova I.A. (Russia)

New one-pot synthesis and heterocyclization of vic-functionalized aryl(hetaryl)alkadiynes-1,3

Zefirov N.S. (Russia)

Organic chemistry and mathematics: Design and modeling

Zefirov N. (Russia)

The use of QSAR in the search of biologically active compounds



Oral presentations were made by 51 scientists from Russia and abroad:


An oral lecture is delivered by
Dr. R.B. Lesyk (
Danylo Halytsky National Medical University, L'vov)

An oral lecture is delivered by
Prof. A.V. Velikorodov (
Astrakhan' State University, Astrakhan')

An oral lecture is delivered by
.. Gidaspov (State Technical University, Samara)


Bazureau J.P., Legeay J.C., Fraga-Dubreuil J., Hakkou H. (France)

Ionic liquid-phase technology: A new tool for combinatorial chemistry. Applications in heterocyclic chemistry mediated by microwave dielectric heating

Belous A.R. (USA)

Endogenous indole compounds: biological significance of 5-hydroxytriptamine and its metabolites

Bölcskei H., Gács-Baitz E., Szántay Cs. Jr., Kalaus Gy., Szántay Cs. (Hungary)

Synthesis of indoloazepines and indoloazocines

Chung M.C. (Brazil)

Prodrug design: Improving drug activity

Duburs G., Bisenieks E., Krauze A., Plotniece A., Sobolevs A., Tirzitis G., Vigante B. (Latvia)

Dihydropyridine derivatives as biomimetics and bioprotectors

Geronikaki A., Incerti M., Zani F., Vicini P. (Greece)

2-Benzo[d]isothiazolylimino-5-arylidene-4-thiazolidinones: Synthesis and antimicrobial activity

Granzhan A., Ihmels H., Viola G. (Germany)

Rearrangements in diazoniapentaphenes and DNA-binding properties of diazoniapolycycles

Agarwal S., Filali S., Fröhner W., Knöll J., Krahl M.P., Reddy K.R., Knölker H.-J. (Germany)

Application of oxidative cyclizations to the synthesis of bioactive nitrogen-containing heterocycles

Nemes A. (Hungary)

Synthetic studies related to cis- and trans-apovincamine derivatives and metabolites

Rádl S., Klecán O. (Czech Republic)

New approaches to the synthesis of triptans

Mali A., Shelar M., Shelar A. (India)

Antibiotic resistance: A search for new b-lactam antibiotics

Van der Eycken E. (Belgium)

Microwave irradiation: A 'green tool' in 2(1H)-pyrazinone chemistry

Veinberg G., Vorona M., Shestakova I., Kanepe I., Lukevics E. (Latvia)

Antitumor 3a-chloro- and 3-alkylideneazetidinone-2 derivatives

Adekenov S.. (Kazakhstan)

Nitrogen-containing derivatives of natural sesquiterpene lactones

Akhmetova V.R., Nadyrgulova G.R., Khairullina R.R., Khafizova S.R., Kunakova R.V., Dzhemilev U.M. (Russia)

One-pot synthesis of novel N,S-containing heterocycles

Berestovitskaya V.M., Anisimova N.A., Makarova N.G. (Russia)

Synthesis of nitrogen-containing heterocycles from b-nitroethenylphosphonates and -carboxylates

Burgart Ya.V., Pryadeina M.V., Khudina O.G., Saloutin V.I., Chupakhin O.N. (Russia)

Synthesis of fluoroalkyl-containing pyrimidines

Drach B.S., Sviripa V.N., Pil'o S.G., Popil'nichenko S.V., Golovchenko A.V., Brovarets V.S. (Ukraine)

Synthesis of functionalized condensed heterocycles from 2-acylamino-3,3-dichloroacrylonitriles

Eremkin A.V., Mol'kov S.N., Ershov O.V. (Russia)

Hydrolysis of cyano groups in 2-halo-6-hydroxy-5,5-dialkyl-5,6-dihydropyridine-3,4,4(1H)-tricarbonitriles

Ershov A.Yu., Lagoda I.V., Koshmina N.V., Dobrodumov A.V. (Russia)

Recyclization of isoxazole derivatives

Gidaspov A.A. (Russia)

bis-Trinitromethylation of 2,4,6-trichloro-1,3,5-triazine

Gornostaev L.M., Arnold E.V., Beresnev V.A., Dolgushina L.V., Lavrikova T.I., Sokolova M.S. (Russia)

Anthraquinone derivatives condensed with pyrrole and triazole rings: Synthesis and properties

Gorobets N.Yu., Ermolaev C.A., Dzhavakhishvili S.G., Sirko S.N., Chernenko V.N., Desenko S.M. (Ukraine)

2-Dimethylaminomethylene-1,3-cyclohexanedione derivatives in reaction with methylene-active nitriles

Isak A.D., Pogorelova I.P., Tyupalo N.F., Isak V.A. (Ukraine)

Pyrimidine sulfone amides and their derivatives: Synthesis and biological activity

Kalinin V.N., Shishkov I.V., Moiseev S.K., Shults E.E., Tolstikov G.A. (Russia)

Synthesis of new dienes and trienes of the morphinan series

Kofanov E.R., Sosnina V.V. (Russia)

Multifunctional heterocyclic compounds from nitriles of aromatic carboxylic acids

Korotkikh N.I., Raenko G.F., Kiselev .V., Knishevitsky .V., Shvaika .P., Glinyanaya N.V., Panov I.S., Cowley .H., Jones J.N., Moore J.A. (Ukraine)

Stable carbenes. Insertion into bonds and reaction with ester function. New cleavage and thermal transformation of 1,2,4-triazol-5-ylidenes

Kravchenko A.N., Sigachev A.S., Chikunov I.E., Lozhkin B.V., Baranov V.V., Gazieva G.A., Trunova N.S., Lysenko K.A., Belyakov P.A., Makhova N.N. (Russia)

New horizons in a-ureidoalkylation

Lesyk R.B., Zimenkovsky B.S., Atamanyuk D.V. (Ukraine)

Thiopyrano[2,3-d]thiazoles and their derivatives: Synthesis and biological activity

Levinson F.S., Ermolaeva E.A., Efimov S.I., Evgen'ev M.I., Varganov R.V., Vasyutina E.A., Shakirova I.M. (Russia)

4,6-Dichloro-5,7-dinitro- and 4-methoxy-6-chloro-5,7-dinitrobenzofurazans as new two-position electrophiles

Levkovskaya G.G., Bozhenkov G.V., Savosik V.A., Mirskova A.N. (Russia)

Derivatives of 4- and 5-halopyrazoles: Targeted synthesis, structure, and properties

Makarenko S.V., Berestovitskaya V.M., Sadikov K.D., Tafeenko V.A., Chernyshev I.V. (Russia)

Potentially bioactive 1,4-benzodiazinones and their heteroanalogs: Synthesis and structure

Makhova N.N., Shevtsov A.V., Petukhova V.Yu., Kuznetsov V.V., Kislukhin A.A. (Russia)

Transformation of diaziridine ring under the action of ketenes as a new synthetic approach to nitrogen-containing heterocyclic systems

Mareev A.V., Pavlov D.V., Khatashkeev A.V., Medvedeva A.S., Afonin A.V., Ushakov I.A. (Russia)

Cascade assembling of polyfunctional 1,2-dihydropyridine and related compounds from 3-trimethylsilyl-
2-propynal and 2-aminopyridine under microwave activation

Medvedeva A.S., Demina M.M., Novokshonov V.V., Safronova L.P., Rulev A.Yu., Pavlov D.V., Mareev A.V., Afonin A.V. (Russia)

Synthesis of azidomethyl-1-1,2,3-triazoles

Polygalova N.N., Mikhailovskii A.G., Vakhrin M.I. (Russia)

Carbonyl derivatives of condensed isoquinolines: Synthesis and reactivity

Mikhalev O.V., Tarasevich B.N., Fedyanin I.V., Il'ina I.G. (Russia)

Autocomplexes of nitroaryls with heterocycles: Synthesis and characterization

Gulyakevich O.V., Mikhal'chuk A.L. (Belarus)

Construction of azinone framework by [3+3]-cyclocondensation of b-enaminones with b-ketoesters

Nekrasov D.D., Obukhova A.S. (Russia)

2-Amino-substituted 6-aryl-1,3-oxazin-4-ones: Synthesis and biological activity

Ol'shevskaya V.A., Zaitsev A.V., Savchenko A.N., Luzgina V.N., Shtil' A.A., Kalinin V.N. (Russia)

Carboranylporphyrins: Synthesis and bioactivity

Plaskon' A.S., Ryabukhin S.V., Volochnyuk D.M., Tolmachev A.A. (Ukraine)

3-Formylchromones in recyclization with 1,3-CCN- and 1,3--binucleophiles

Popkov S.V., Kovalenko L.V. (Russia)

1-Azolylmethyl-6-benzylidene-2-alkoxy-2-methyl- and 2,2-dimethylcyclohexanols: Synthesis and bioactivity

Przheval'skii N.M. (Russia)

Heterohexadiens in synthesis of heterocycles

Semenov V.E., Nikolaev A.E., Giniyatullin R.Kh., Lodochnikova O.A., Voloshina A.D., Galiullina L.F.,
Latypov Sh.K., Reznik V.S.

Pyrimidinophanes with nitrogen atoms in bridging groups: Synthesis and properties

Zobov V.V., Semenov V.E., Kataev V.E., Akamsin V.D., Reznik V.S. (Russia)

Tetraalkylammonium derivatives of uracil and their macrocyclic analogs as potential neuromuscular transmission modulators

Shestakov A.S., Gusakova N.V., Shikhaliev Kh.S. (Russia)

Cyanamides and their derivatives in reactions of heterocyclyzation

Shikhaliev Kh.S., Kryl'skii D.V., Falaleev A.V., Kovygin Yu.A., Potapov A.Yu. (Russia)

Construction of heterocyclic systems from guanidines and carbonyls

Shklyaev Yu.V., Glushkov V.A., Stryapunina O.G., Rozhkova Yu.S., El'tsov M.A. (Russia)

The synthesis of partially hydrohenization azine and azole: Dihydroisoquinolines, spiropyrrolines, polyhydroindolines

Stroganova T.A., Vasilin V.K., Krapivin G.D. (Russia)

Amino acids of the thieno[2,3-b]pyridine series in reactions of intramolecular cyclization

Velikorodov .V. (Russia)

Quinones and quinoids in synthesis and modification of indoles

Volochnyuk D.M., Pushechnikov A.O., Pinchuk A.M., Tolmachev A.A. (Ukraine)

Fused 1,5,2-diaza- and 1,5,2-oxazaphosphinines: Synthesis and properties

Voskressensky L.G., Vorob'ev I.V., Varlamov A.V. (Russia)

Unusual reactions of tetrahydrobenzo[b][1,6]naphthyridines with activated alkynes



The poster session presented over 150 contributions.



A high quality edition of the 2-volume proceedings of the Conference entitled as Nitrogen-Containing Heterocycles in Russian and English continues our series of monographs Chemistry and Biological Activity of Synthetic and Natural Compounds. Volume 1 is a collection of the plenary and oral lectures reviewing recent achievements in the field. Volume 2 contains the abstracts of 223 poster presentations and 94 most interesting (nominal) synthetic protocols for the synthesis and modification of complex heterocyclic compounds worked out in the last few years by chemists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other countries, mostly inspired and supported by InterBioScreen.



Editorial Board of the Proceedings


Editor-in-chief Kartsev V.G.


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Science editor Serkov I.V.

Language/copy editor Scheck Yu.B.

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To the attention of the Conference attendants were offered two-volume Proceedings of three Conferences in the series: Nitrogen-Containing Heterocyles and Alkaloids (2001), Oxygen- and Sulfur-Containing Heterocycles (2003), Nitrogen-Containing Heterocycles (2006), as well as four volumes (both in Russian and English) of the monograph series Selected Methods for Synthesis and Modification of Heterocycles (vol. 1: Nitrogen-Containing Heterocyles, vol. 2: Oxygen- and Sulfur-Containing Heterocyles, vol. 3: Chemistry of Synthetic Indole Systems, vol. 4: Chemistry and Biological Activity of Natural Indole Systems). Electronic versions of some books were offered on CDs, including in the ISIS_Base 2.X format.



The next Conference will be devoted to heterocycles in medicinal chemistry
and is to be held in St. Petersburg in 2010.